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Make Sure You Ask the Right Questions
Being Informed makes the process easier

I'm a first-time home buyer, what should I do first?
Before looking for a home, determine your price range, down payment amount, and estimated settlement charges. Banks and Lenders have different variables including income, debt load and credit scores to determine how much a potential buyer can take out as a mortgage.

Why do I need a home inspection?
Before you close on a home, it makes sense to hire a home inspector to evaluate its condition. That way, you avoid surprises after settlement, and you can have a complete assessment of the condition of the home before making an offer. Additional tests are suggested for radon, wood destroying , asbestos, insects or lead paint.

What are the benefits of having a REAL ESTATE Agent?
Buying or selling a house involves a process with many steps to be fulfilled and deadlines to be met. Your agent will guide you through the process. Hiring a Real Estate Agent gives you peace of mind and puts you in the right way to sell or buy a home.

Why should I be pre-approved with a Bank or lender before I look at homes?
Before you start looking for a home, knowing what loans are available to you will save you time and money. A pre-approval letter is also part of the process when buying a home. Being pre-approved ensures the home seller will consider your offer seriously.

Which home improvements will have the most payoff when selling a house?
Improvements to kitchens and bathrooms add the most to resale value. Your Realtor can tell you which improvements will add the most resale value to your home.

What are some tips I can use to sell my house?
Don't forget curb appeal! A neatly mowed lawn, fresh flowers, fresh coat of paint will make an impression. Inside you home keep everything clean and fresh, remove unwanted items from closets and cabinets, keep floors and carpets sparkling clean. Your Realtor can advise you with more easy to follow tips on how to keep your home ready for the big selling day!

Why Location is important when choosing a home?
Considering how close is your new home from hosptitals, transportation, schools, shopping malls, your office, gas stations, airports, etc. is a key element that will impact your life style and your average commuting time between places. Your Realtor can advice you on how to select the best location for your new home.

Do I need a checklist when buying or selling a house?
Yes! Your Realtor can work with you to give you a very clear idea of the elements to be considering before entering the market or making an offer.

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